Sochi Olympics, Day 12: A medal, a qualification and a skiing violinist

On the 12th day of the Games, Russia took its first medal ever in snowboard and the hockey team survived to play another day

Nikolay Olyunin won silver in snowboard cross. Source: Reuters

Viktoria Kolesnichenko, for RBTH

On the 12th day of the Sochi Olympics, Russia won its first medal in snowboarding. Nikolay Olyunin won silver in snowboard cross. The Russian men's ice hockey team also survived to play in the quarterfinals with a 4:0 win over Norway.


Ice hockey

In the qualifying match against Norway, CSKA's Alexander Radulov scored two goals; Ilya Kovalchuk and Alexey Tereshchenko scored one each.

Kovalchuk said about the Norway game: "We did not let the Norwegians much breathing space. This is a good sign. Now we have less than 24 hours to get ready for the next game. Finland is a very strong team. They have an excellent goalkeeper; we will have to find his weak spots if we want to win. I think that the Russian team is getting better with every game played. Even when we were playing Slovakia we generated many scoring opportunities and generally performed well."

Meanwhile, the Russian women’s ice hockey team lost to Finland, whose forward scored two goals at the end of the first period. The final score was 4:0

Short track

The 3,000-m ladies' short track relay finals were a disappointment for the Russian team. Olga Belyakova, Tatyana Borodulina, Sofia Prosvirnova, and Valeriya Reznik came in fourth at 4h 14min 862sec, just one second short of a bronze medal.

"A fourth place at an Olympic is a great step forward for our women’s team," said Borodulina. "It actually reflects our current level, but we will try to improve on it in a month's time at the World Championship."

The short track finals were won by South Korea, followed by Canada and Italy. 

Giant slalom

World-renowned violinist Vanessa-Mae Vanakorn, 35, took part in the giant slalom race under the Thai flag – making her only the third athlete to compete for Thailand in the history of the Olympic Games.

She came in last, 87th, on the first run, but she raised her position to 67 after the second run.

The violinist said that her primary goal in Sochi is to have a good time, improve her skiing skills and conduct animal charity work.

"I realized I would come last in my first try but you know, the Olympics are a good chance to show your worth," Vanessa-Mae said.

Giant slalom was won by Slovene Tina Maze. The silver went to Austrian Anna Fenninger; the bronze, to German Viktoria Rebensburg.

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