Paralympic Games, day 6: Downhill wins

On March 13, Russia’s Paralympic team performed well in downhill skiing and moved to the next stage of the tournament in hockey and curling

Skier Valery Redkozubov won gold in the visually impaired slalom. Source: Konstatin Chalabov / RIA Novosti

Victoria Kolesnichenko, special to RBTH

Skier Valery Redkozubov won gold in the visually impaired slalom with a result of 1 minute 43.21 seconds as the total for his two attempts. Spain’s Jon Santakana Maiztegui came in second, followed by Canada’s Chris Williamson.

Another Russian, Alexander Fedorchuk, came in 10th.

Redkozubov dedicated his victory to his mother. "Unfortunately, my mother cannot share the joy of winning with me today. She is no longer alive. I dedicate his gold medal to her. Mom did a lot for me in this life. She was always there for me; she supported me in difficult moments. She brought me up as a real man, a fighter. She always said that we should not despair. I thank her for what life has given me,” Redkozubov said, according to ITAR-TASS.

The Russian team’s success in alpine skiing was capped by 16 -year-old Alexei Bugaev’s gold in the physically impaired slalom. France’s Vincent Gauthier-Manuel won silver and Russia’s Alexander Alyabyev, the bronze.

"I'm very happy. I was probably ready for these starts. I had faith, but I wasn’t sure until the end. I am happy that I made it. Yes, at the age of 16. It’s just that I have been playing this sport since childhood, I like it madly, and this is what I get my drive from," Bugaev told reporters at the finish.

Sledge hockey

The Russian sledge hockey team advanced to the finals, beating Norwaynwith a score of 4-0. Dmitry Lisov, Alexei Amoz, Nikolai Terentyev and Yevgeny Petrov scored one goal each.

“We played well. We like both the match and the result, although the main thing is not even the fact that we won. The main outcome of our meeting is our unity with the fans in the stands. Their support was awesome,“ said Russian head coach Sergei Samoilov after the match.

Player Vadim Selyukin also mentioned the support from the fans: "This is something unbelievable. The arena is full. We just had to show something at our own Paralympic Games, with our own audience, and such support. I hope that we will show more."

Fullback Vasily Varlakov said that he was in doubt about the result until the Russian team scored for the third time: "I think that the decisive moment was the third goal we scored. This completely demoralized the opponent. A score of 2-0 was very dangerous. The situation could have drastically changed against us. "

The  Paralympic sledge hockey final is scheduled for March 15.


On Thursday, the Russian women's curling team won the match against Slovakia with a score of 7-4. By the end of the tournament round, the Russian women were in first place. Russia will now face the UK in the semifinals.

Curling team head coach Anton Batugin said that all the semi-finalists have a chance of winning. "We have already played against the British several times this season; we know each other well. It looks like they don’t have any secrets. All the teams selected in the playoffs are equal in strength. The winner will be the one with the greatest enthusiasm the day after tomorrow,” Batugin said.

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